I wanna hug a big fluffy monster

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onyourgoat said: *nod nod* he's so handsome

"And th-the Gerudo have orange h-hair… And I do… Is th-that the only similarity…?"

onyourgoat said: yuga yuga yuga yuga pallas yuga

"Y-Yuga? D-Does this Y-Yuga really relate to the G-Gerudo? …Wait, does he h-have orangey hair?"

onyourgoat said: oh god you're yuga's cousin

"E-Excuse me?!"

Anonymous said: thalia your like a pale gerudo

"…I… D-Do? Isn’t th-that what Ganon and Melissa a-and Nabooru are? M-My lord too, r-right?"

Sometimes I wanna punch people


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Somehow I got redirected to a blog called ‘thestupidhatclub’ or something-


I accidentally got Harp into W.I.T.C.H… I was watching it and he came and watched it with me and kept asking to see the next episode and for me to not watch it without him, and we went to the library and we got the first book and he wanted to read it first thing. ^-^

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Home from work! Hi there!

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