I am the one that doesn’t want Keirin and Airin to leave the dimension, not my muses.

*sighs* I actually wish this wasn’t happening.

Anonymous asked: Ha ha, there go three of your ships and rp partners.

Thank you for that.

cutie-toes asked: "Thalia I have a very important task to charge you. While I'm gone, I'll need you to watch Hibiki for me. The poe and the stalfos can handle the dirty work and food and such- but I need you to make sure she gets lots of love and attention. Can you do that for me?"

Thalia gave a slow nod, looking to the ground. “Of course I’ll look over her… I’ll be the BESTEST babysitter ever!” she said, looking up. Her eyes had a sad tint to them. “…Just… Please remember to come back… As soon as possible.”

Okay so… We have water, fruit snacks, lemons, yogurt, and salsa… Um…

Okay… Time to take on some responsibility… I’m the woman of the house… Gotta feed the kids, make sure they are happy… Clean and unpack… Compose a list of food we need… Go shopping…

I got this.

Anonymous asked: You should beg the phantom to let you come!

"Beg… Him?" Thalia tilted her head, "But… I have other friends here… I… I don’t…"

okay so I nearly beat kingdom hearts but there were no save points so I just kept the TV off and the play station running while I was gone but then I got up this morning and my mOM WAS TAKING THE DISK OUT


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